Cocaine Days

With cocaine in my veins, I took my fists to the wall. The drug coursing through my body, I justified unleashing all the overbearing emotions. The hatred. The rage. The sadness. A beast, awakened and free, barreling through drywall... Read More →

Gingerbread Home

“I’ve never built a gingerbread house” I said, sheepishly, as the walls stuck awkwardly together and the roof continued... Read More →


Mumbling by Briton Underwood   sometimes I mumble and someone will ask me to, ‘speak up’ that they didn’t... Read More →


I had a friend growing up. One of those forced friendships where our mothers somehow met and got along... Read More →


Today I feel sluggish. Exhausted. Lazy. Schmuckish.  I don’t know if Schmuckish is a word. It reminds me of... Read More →