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As my page approached a thousand ‘likes’ yesterday I continuously shook it off and tried to down play it. “Likes don’t matter, I don’t care about numbers”. Constantly I told myself this as I repeatedly refreshed my page looking at the number of followers I had. We all say it as page admins, we are in it to have fun or to post things we can’t post on our personal pages for fear of family backlash. But we are all human beings! Surprise! We are people and we are all partly vain as fuck!

I’m gonna put this out there. If you say you are not about numbers, you’re a liar. I say it all the time and I know I’m lying. Everybody hits milestone likes and does a little dance or shows it off to someone. There is nothing wrong with being proud of accomplishment. That extends to people without pages. It’s not vain, it’s not snobby or conceited! Fuck people that say anything other than “congrats, that’s awesome!” Or “you kick ass and I love the shit out of it!” after you are proud of something you have accomplished. When you do something and you’re proud of it, flaunt that shit! The best part of flaunting it is you key in on the people who actually are invested in the success of you! Gravitate towards them!

How does this relate to parenting and life and such? Easy! My kids do something or are proud I turn into the biggest fucking cheerleader the world has ever seen! Pom poms and miniskirt the whole shabang! I look like an extra in Bring it on. Here’s what I say, fuck modesty! And before you go wow that’s super vain or something hear me out. I’m not saying to be a prick spike a volleyball in your toddlers face and have a margarita. Well that might be something I would do but back to the point, be proud of the accomplishments! Pat yourself on the back! Tell people about it. I tell complete strangers I’m internet famous. I’m THAT guy!

I believe strongly in showing off. I saw I hit a thousand followers and everyone in my house knew it. Those lil tyrants in their crib? Woke those fuckers up! “Daddy is famous now! You may continue your slumber”. My wife? “Later when we have sex don’t forget to ask for my autograph, you’re fucking an internet sensation!”. My fucking dog even heard about it ” I will walk you but first I need to tell you I’m internet famous, yes Stella woof woof woof.”

When you do something and you find yourself halfway decent at it the best thing is to let the world know! Those people that truly care and love and support you will don their Pom poms and miniskirt and we will line up to cheer you on and raise a glass to you. This is long winded and real stream of consciousness but I hope somewhere in there is a message everyone can take from this! What I’ve gathered is I might be super vain and conceited, I see no wrong in being happy for myself and letting people know that I am Punk Rock Papa

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