Who is Punk Rock Papa?

Briton Underwood began writing under the moniker “Punk Rock Papa” shortly after becoming a father to twin boys. When Briton started his blog, Punk Rock Papa: Adventures in Fatherhood, it provided him an outlet to connect and share stories with other parents.

I hate writing in third person.

I was sad. At the time, I hadn’t written anything outside of class assignments. For some reason, I felt bottled up. The opportunity to reflect on my life before becoming a parent left me with so much to say.

I began to write. It wasn’t just about being a father of twins. A lot of what I wrote revolved around me as a person. The person I was. The person I strived to be. The person I felt I might have needed growing up. Writing allowed me to be very introspective. There wasn’t much I didn’t write about.

It was so much more than just a parent blog. For me, it was a therapeutic way to release a lot of things from my past I held on to bitterly.

Over the course of time, I began to connect and create what I felt was a great community filled with friendships. My goals shifted, as did my seriousness towards writing. I took time, with the help of other writers, to approach my words more artistically. I worked on bettering my grammar and breaking standard writing rules.

I wrote prose, poetry and pretty little lines.

I fell in love with words. With writing.

I started a community of other writers. These were, in my opinion, the best writers I could and would ever surround myself with. In the short time The Bunker existed it propelled so many of us to the next level. To realizing our goals and achieving them.

To becoming published.

Like all good things, The Bunker came to an end. It burst onto a blogging landscape when people finally realized listacles were shit. We wrote from the heart. Bled ink. Wrote free and unapologetically.

After The Original Bunker Punks, I had begun getting my writing submissions picked up by online publications. I got paid. I bought beer and tacos. It wasn’t, nor is it ever, about money for me. I write to write.

I’ve been published online in a variety of different publications. Scary Mommy, Good Men Project, Unclenomics, Sisterwives, Hastywords, Mamalode, Sammiches & Psych Meds, Long Awkward Pause, Say It With A Bang!, Mom Babble, Sunshine Spoils Milk, and quite a few others.

In print, my words have appeared in three anthologies and a magazine. Both the Multiples Illuminated anthologies, curated by the amazing editors Megan Woolsey and Alison Lee, have attributed to my continued growth as a writer.

My quirky internet posts have been spotlighted by larger sites. Today Show occasionally includes my statuses in funny round-ups.

These are all lovely accolades. Little affirmations that continue to push me forward as a writer.

Being a writer has become a part of my identity.

It’s personal to me.

Hi, my name is Briton “Punk Rock Papa” Underwood. I am a father of three. My twins, Killian and Nicolas, motivated me to write. My youngest, Ezra, came along and helped me get serious about my writing. My beautiful wife, Diana, continues to support my writing endeavors. I am supported by an enormous writing community known as #Babbletribe and run by none other than the great Mary Katherine Backstrom. I am pushed to be the best writer I can be by the greatest writer I know. My WriTer buddy Rachel E. Bledsoe.

I write to write.

Connect with me on Facebook or email me at punkrockpapa.royalty@gmail.com


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