November 9

Who is Punk Rock Papa?

Briton’s popular blog, “Punk Rock Papa: Adventures In Fatherhood” is a hilarious yet heartfelt take on being a young father. He is a self- proclaimed hipster and father to two Punk Rock toddler twins and an up-and-coming baby Punk. Briton believes that Jesus loves all of His children, even the ones with Mohawks. Briton reigns over the blogging group, the “Brainstorm Bunker, a fast-growing blogging group who shares ideas and laughter with each other every day. His most prized possession is his pair of green skinny jeans. Follow him on Facebook!
He can be reached here!

Briton Underwood is also a co-founder of The Original Bunker Punks as well as the EIC. He loves his Bunker Punks and the #BabbleTribe. He welcomes any and all queries.


    1. By Punk Rock Papa on

      thank you so much JLaw!!! its a work in progress!


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