Boys Don’t Cry, Son.

Boys don’t cry, Son. You heard me. I said boys don’t cry. But, you know what? Men do. Men cry all the time.

I cried. I cried when you were born and I cried when you came home. I cry when a movie comes on that reminds me of how special a bond between parent and child is. I cry at a beautiful song and I cry at memories long gone. I cried when my mama died and I cried when I saw you cry, too.

Boys don’t cry, son. But men do.

You see, there are a lot of times where the world will tell you not to cry. That it isn’t something masculine. There will be people telling you all the time. They will say

“Boys don’t cry, Son.”

And they will be right. Because boys don’t cry. Grown men cry. Men who have grown from being boys to understand that if you keep it all bottled inside, if you keep living with that sadness, there is no way to get it out that benefits you.

I will say it again, men cry.

Men cry when they need to and there is nothing wrong with shedding tears when you need to.

One of the biggest lessons you will learn, is that sometimes it is okay to cry. You’ll cry and wipe the tears and pretend they were never there but there is no reason for that. Because sometimes the most manly thing you can do is show your vulnerability. It’s okay to break down and cry.

Boys don’t cry, Son. But men do.

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