Chicken noodle soup and pine sol

Ahh to be up bright and early with sick children, that’s partially sarcastic, the truth is I love when my kids are sick. Not enough to slip pine sol in their meals but I love that they cuddle up to me. It’s terrible, as I see that temp rise a little smile spreads across my face. My kids stopped cuddling and being super affectionate around 6 months. There was a whole world to explore! There were iphones to throw on the ground! No time to snuggle with papa and watch ESPN or Barney (okay just ESPN). That really was devastating to me and I was upset by their lack of love.

Then it happened, an ear infection to be exact, and cuddling was back! We spent days on the couch laid up watching sports highlights, sipping chicken broth and not wanting anything but to be held. It was fucking glorious to be loved again! As the medicine cured their illnesses though they reverted back into callous assholes who couldn’t give me five cuddle minutes a day. I began to plot I’ll admit it. Hey I saw you posted on your Facebook that your kid is sick want to hang out? Yeah let’s have a play date it’s been two weeks since my kids showed me love.

I know I know, I’m a terrible parent, but am I really? You get a finite amount of time to lay there on the couch with your kid before it becomes uncool and creepy. I highly doubt my twins will want to lie on the couch with daddy when they’re in their teens and adulthood. So while I get the chance I hope for a little illness and daddy/son time. It’s not as though I’m wishing Ebola on them right?

I guess what I’m getting to is these times are precious and valuable. The window for my kids to want to lay their heads on my chest to gather relief is fleeting. I get it ‘they will always be my babies’ but they won’t always seek out my snuggles for comfort. So yes I can’t stand waking at five in the morning to a fevered whiny child but secretly I love it and will exploit every last goddamn cuddle until this cold breaks. Don’t judge me; it won’t matter either way I’m too busy being my child’s pillow to give a fuck.

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