June 19

Features, Guest Posts, Oh My!


Believe or not, you can find me all over the inter-web! Here is where you can check out my features on other sites!

Featured Essays


We Are Parents

Oops, I Shamed Again.

The Man(di) Cave Debut (Panel discussion)

Long Awkward Pause

Today My Toddler Didn’t Break Me

Say It With A Bang

The Time I Poisoned My Son

Mom Babble

7 Lessons on How to be a Man

Good Men Project

Fatherhood Woke Me Up

The Original Bunker Punks

Momento Mori

New Names For Stay At Home Parents

Why My Wife Doesn’t Take Me Out In Public

Sex Sex Sex

I Can Write, Right?

How Do You Do It?

Write Free, Motherfucker!

Ban Breast-feeding

The Climb

Guest Essays On Personal Blogs


Embracing Scars (Poem)

Pacing Dark (Poem)

Could I Have This Dance?

Hail to the almighty Jäger Burger (Recipe)

Well, when you put it like that- I have been around! I also was recommended reading over at Life Of Dad and my Mom Babble essay was featured in an OMTA Newsletter!

My writing has been shared enough times and read by enough people to truly humble me. It is an experience like no other. I am a proud member of #BabbleTribe as well as a founder of The Bunker Punks.



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