Forever Punk

And they say we are too young

As if youth is a crime

And naivety is our punishment

We just don’t understand the way of the world

For we are too young

And as we fight back, at the typecast of youth

Constantly battered down

As if heated metal to be forged in the proper ways of the world

What if they are the problem?

They being rules and regulations and age

Why must we act?

Why must we pretend?

Why must the flame burn out?

And so the few of us

In our refusal to conform

We fight back

With our green skinny jeans

We stand in defiance of the rules

Of the regulations

And more importantly

Of the age

How are we too young?

Do we not go through the same motions?

Are the waves of life not washing upon our shores too?

With bills and children and jobs and responsibility

Shall we still sit at the kids table for the supper we have prepared?

Does our fire discomfort you?

Because you had the fire to change once

And you let it burn out

It’s only fitting we too join the ranks

Of giving up and giving in

For your fire barely smolders, if it exists anymore

No, I think we will light ablaze your rules and regulations and age

Burn it to the fucking ground

With our youth, with our fire

And when it burns and people ask “WHY?”

We will smile and simply reply

“Because we are the youth”

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15 comments on “Forever Punk
  1. OLD…I am not old i have a 10 month old baby, a three year old and i just turned 40…well if you count i do have a 15 year old, 14 year old, and also a 8 year old well then i am old….but i am still young enough to keep up….maybe…lol….love the piece by the way

  2. This needs to be on the radio on my way home from work today so I may belt it out in my terribly high-pitchy voice. Get on that, will ya? (also, this is fab)

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