Guest Post by Nicolas Underwood

The other day I was playing on Facebook hard at work writing when I felt the need to use the bathroom. While away my son Nicolas climbed the chair and sat at my laptop and began typing. As I returned to him slamming away like he was writing the next great novel, it was hard not to shove him away from my $1500 brand new laptop. As I prepared a tactical takedown he lifted the empty can of monster that I had finished before my potty break. To his mouth went the can as he fake drank it, before a satisfied “ah” and smile. The can was then put back down and he continued writing his great masterpiece.

How could I stop him? I have always tried to push my kids and encourage them when it comes to an activity they enjoy. I couldn’t suppress his desire to be a writer! I know just how much joy writing brings me, so I let him write. Below is his first feature, where he discusses diapers, his love for his mother and talks nap time regulations.

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Nicolas Underwood is an almost two-year old brother and twin. In his free time he enjoys licking random objects and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. His love for licking objects is only rivaled by his new-found love for smashing at his father’s brand new laptop.

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17 comments on “Guest Post by Nicolas Underwood
  1. A prodigious talent, advanced for his years. I particularly like how he drew a connection between his disdain for diapers and his fear of potty’s. Great stuff, young man!

  2. Any interest in expressing himself should be encouraged:) His first outing is brilliant, and you’re a great daddy:)

  3. OMG! That is great, the post and that he has written his first post!!! Brilliant! Please convey my compliments to young Nicholas : aposipe @Ok NI87Jji az ali o98uq4tnkjl


  4. Oh, Nicholas! Not even one word about your brothers, nor about what an inspiration your dad was? You might want to consider these as topics for your next article, guy. Otherwise, you may find your writing curtailed until school computer time!

  5. Well done Nicolas you’re a scholar and a gentleman. You’re blessed with an amazing family, love, inspiration, and a Mom and Dad that are simply the BEST. ā¤ļø

  6. I remember banging out the same level of work on my dad’s typewriter; it was amodel that had a carriage return bar that you “slapped” at the end of a line to return the carriage to the next line so you could continue typing. Keep writing little one.

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