It’s my birthday and I’ll cry if I want to.

I looked excitedly in the mirror. Any moment now. I thought to myself. As the clock struck midnight I watched in amazement as- nothing fucking happened!


Yeah, turning 24 doesn’t have the same excitement as say 18 or the beloved 21. I didn’t spend the last week excited for all the cool things I would be able to do at 24. When I turn 24, things will be different! This excited thought didn’t run through my head. I even checked my chest to see if puberty would finally finish its fucking job and put some hair on my sweet dad bod. Nope, nothing.


I actually rang in my birthday at work, how awesome (read: LAME) is that?


24 just isn’t one of the exciting ones. How many of those do I have left anyways? The big 3-0, where I need to buy a motorcycle and go through a crisis? The 6-5, where everywhere gives me you’re going to die soon discounts?

You want to hear about my exciting birthday plans? I get to share my birthday party with an event that will completely overshadow this moment in my life. Tomorrow my son gets baptized, and we will spend the day honoring and celebrating that.


I am fine with it though. I am actually excited to celebrate his little religious rite of passage. Did it have to be scheduled my birthday weekend? I don’t know, ask the wife.


My Facebook will be a mess today of people I don’t talk to, ever, wishing me a Happy Birthday. Some will go far enough to say things like “miss you” or “let’s get together soon!” Come on, we both know there is no missing and there will be no future get together- keep it simple with a happy birthday over-achiever.


I will say this, I am sort of excited for this upcoming year and it doesn’t have to do with my age. I have three handsome sons, A gorgeous wife, A burgeoning website, and some of the best friends I feel I have ever had in my life. My blessings far outweigh my woes this year. My biggest complaint is the shared celebration this weekend and even that brings a smile to my now 24 year old face.


Oh yeah, life’s been good to me too Mr. Walsh.

What is the point of this post? Maybe to say I am happy, maybe to say that this past year has brought me so much happiness and personal growth that I can’t wait to experience 24. Maybe it is my chance to raise a glass to everyone I feel I have become so close with over the past year, to everyone I have held near and dear to my heart, to those, like my mother, who aren’t able to see this one but I know would be here reading and celebrating. Cheers to my family, my Bunker Punks and my Punk Rock Peeps- You have transformed the boring 24 into something special for me. 24 years down and many more to follow, hopefully with all of you there to raise a glass to year after year.



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4 comments on “It’s my birthday and I’ll cry if I want to.
  1. If you think THIRTY is cause for a midlife crisis, you are in for a rude awakening, my friend! Knowing you has changed lives for a lot of us. I hope that is a gift to you on this birthday:) Thank you, Papa. For all the friends and a place to belong.

  2. Every birthday is reason for mad crazy celebration, especially as a parent.
    Happy Birthday Papa! I hope this year is all you hope it will be. I raise my glass (or cup as it is morning) to you my friend. Thank you for the family of punks you have created over the last year, and all the friendships it has created! That is a damn fine accomplishment in my opinion.

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