Nano Poblano: The Alien Hour Part Two

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“What the F-“ A sharp jolt of electricity jumped through my body.

“Yes, we had heard of your people’s propensity to use those derogatory words.” It said.  Only a moment before, I had been stuck in middle-of-nowhere America with AR and another one of these things.  This one had a more feminine, slender frame about it, unlike my original captor. It’s purple skin shimmered, drawing my attention away from the inordinate amount of eyeballs staring at me. It pulled a laptop out, leaving tentacle marks across the top of it. The laptop! I recognized the Nerd Revolution stickers adorning it. I hoped these things didn’t check browser history.

Things. Before I knew it, I began to giggle over a joke AR made about bathrooms with our first captor. Were we captives? I certainly didn’t end up on this ship by free will. There wasn’t a whole lot of freedom going around these days and, as I remembered the past few months, it didn’t seem much normalcy had been going around either.

“Wha-what are you looking at? The stuff in the browser history is purely for scientific research. They have science where you come from, right?” I stumbled through the words apprehensively. Maybe I should shut my mouth, I thought.

“No need to shut your mouth. I am looking through blogs.”

BLOGS? I can’t even stand them and I have one. Well, two. Okay, three.I have three of them. But, who would look through blogs if they didn’t have to?

“If you must know, it is where we get most of our information on your peculiar species.” She…It continued. “You can call me She if it makes you feel more comfortable.”

Was that annoyance in It… Her voice? 

“According to the blogs, no one voted for Donald Trump. Yet, you Americans are calling him your next president? How does this work? Where is the fight to the death?”

I imagined Hillary in some chainmail with an axe. Maybe that would make America great again.

“The blogs had it wrong!” The words sounding as ridiculous as they could. The blogs got it wrong. That’s the best way I could explain it to this creature.

I hoped AR was providing a more thoughtful answer to their questions.

I’m fu-, I began to think a swear and felt the jolt of electricity.

“Stay out of my godd- *Jolt* F- *Jolt* Sh *JOLT*” Keeled over on the floor, I watched her slither towards me.

“Didn’t you read those words are easy way outs? I thought you were a writer.”

“No, I’m an As*jolt*shole” Grimacing, I forced the word past the pain. If this was to be my last day, there was gonna be some freedom of speech. And by freedom of speech, I meant swearing. Lot’s of it.

“You Americans are a peculiar bunch. If only you gripped one another as tight as your weapons, we wouldn’t have to be here.”

“You’ve read one too many blog posts.” I grimaced, still keeled over from forcing out that one swear. I contented myself to my fate. This was it. Death by aliens.

Meh, I could live with that.

But, why AR and I? They could have abducted anyone.

“You’re probably wondering why we chose you and your friend.” Clearly, she was in my head again.

“No, not I!” The sarcasm was flowing now, with no way to contain it.

“Odd, your brain said you were. Must be a malfunction. We have come from a future in hopes of understanding how it began.”

“How WHAT happened?” This was starting to get just plain confusing.

“The Intergalactic War. When Donald Trump began to deport all the illegal aliens.”

I had to laugh. The Don was ready to boot the aliens alright.

“We call people who are not from our country ‘aliens’. He is going to kick those ones out. Most of us aren’t even sure YOU exist. Well, we have the X-Files, but there is still healthy skepticism.” Jeez, I hope AR was giving better answers than I.

“Yes, it starts with closing your country up to others. But, what do you think happened when he discovered us?” Her tentacles began to flail. “Your people can’t even love one another if your pigmentation is different. When we were discovered, how do you think people reacted? I wish you gripped each other as much as you gripped your weapons. Now, we have to stop this from happening.”

Music begins to blare from my laptop. Rage Against the Machine.

“You are a fan of civil disobedience?” She asked, as I nodded along. Pistol Grip Pump blared through the room. In staring at It…Her, I hadn’t even noticed the room. It looked more like a Best Buy than what I imagined the inside of a space ship to be. Speakers, DVD’s, and electronics. The aliens apparently liked to Black Friday shop.

“It’s time for you and your friend to partake in some Intergalactic Civil Disobedience”

Did we just get abducted by Alien Activists? 

She nodded her head.

“Fu *JOLT* Yeah, I am in. But you are gonna have to ease up on the jolting.”


WOO, THAT WAS FUN! Shout out to Bradley of Green Embers for putting so much time and effort into this wonderful November project and bringing together a diverse and wonderful group of talented writers artists. Thanks to Ra of Rarasaur for including me in her Cheer Peppers. It means the world to me. #71 and #75 of the awesome Cheer Pepper’s Promptosaur! Thanks so much for doing this with me AR. You knocked part one out of the park! Awesome to work together! Check out AR at One Starving Activist.

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