Original Bunker Punks

Who are the Original Bunker Punks?

We are five writers from different backgrounds and lifestyles. We found each other through a passion for writing, a need to be heard and a desire to be published. This site isn’t about us. This site is a movement.

A million sites are committed to blogging and this one is a movement? Yes, it is. We pride ourselves in our differences. We celebrate and encourage each other to push the limits in our respective fields. This isn’t a site focused on one particular site or person.

We are about taking the blogosphere by storm. Why do we have to fit into a theme? Why does a blogger have to be typecast to one category? A father of twins, a Cub Scout Den Mother, a selfie queen, a kid in a dog suit and a wine loving, humor blogger. We love being different.

Everyone is welcome to join the takeover. No one punk is the same, we love being different. Our goal isn’t just to gain notoriety or become published. It’s about creation, pushing the envelope, changing the landscape of blogging as you know it.

Are you an Original Bunker Punk too? Then join us in pushing the envelope. Become a part of the movement, become an Original Bunker Punk.

The countdown is on…


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