It has always been my belief that if you have a platform, you use it. Time and time again, I have tried to use the social media presence I’ve gathered to do so. From Syrian Refugees to the inaction of the U.S. Government when it comes to protecting it’s people from gun violence. I feel compelled to try and take my little light from the internet and shine it as bright as possible on these issues.

I have talked about sadness.

About being a father.

About loss.

I highlight the rainy days and sunny ones. I highlight how we take up activism for a week before forgetting about it the next week. Hell, I even wrote about what being a mommy blogger is.

This platform I have built does not sit here to be admired. This isn’t a pedestal I have erected. I don’t invite people to stare at the hard work I put into the platform, because it wasn’t built to be something gazed at. I built this presence to highlight issues I believed important to my children’s future. I believe the things I talk about to be important to everyone’s children. So, I continue to stand upon this platform, stomping my feet while I shout, “THIS IS IMPORTANT. WE NEED TO DISCUSS IT.”

Not because I like reading my own words or having others read them. Not to gain some massive following and be recognized anywhere. Because we need dialogue. We need to talk. The far right. The far left. The highly opinionated and the unsure. We all need to come together and talk.

Why is it so hard to do for so many people? Why is the act of discussing our differing views of the world something we find so difficult?

In some cases, it seems we find it too difficult to do.

I’ve got a hunch as to why we choose not to openly engage in discussions. As much as we all purport to want to leave our children a better world, we also don’t enjoy being wrong. When voicing our opinions we open ourselves up to being really wrong sometimes.

Does this fear of being wrong override the growing sense that we aren’t leaving a better world for our children to live in?

Well, I am just fine with being wrong. Please, prove me wrong on this one issue, I would like to leave my children with something beautiful, not a flaming pile of shit.

We need to all collectively take accountability of our people. To accept things are different because we all walk different roads.

I will be the first to say I don’t fully grasp what checking my privilege means.

I will be the first to say feminism leaves me wary of the world. Not because I don’t believe in equality for women, but because I don’t quite know how to educate and raise my boys in a world that is finally shifting it’s mindset about gender views.

There are so many things changing in this world, some I don’t understand. But, I try to. I don’t scoff at them like they are common core math.

Common core math, haven’t a clue about it. I would like to try to learn it myself before calling it ridiculous.

There is a lot in this world I would prefer to learn before being stuck in my preconceived notions.

I think we need to advocate loudly from all our platforms. To shine our little lights on real issues. Today my newsfeed is divided. An unarmed black man with his hands up was shot dead. Brad and Angelina are getting divorced.

Guess which side had a more fiery comments section.

Nobody saw the divorce coming.

Another officer involved shooting is becoming redundant.

We continue to have the same arguments again and again. Whatever community you end up being affiliated with, whether it be comprised of similar views or skin color or job occupation. We have our lines drawn in the sand, with one side clamoring for accountability while the other digs their feet in for the defense.

We don’t like being attacked and we certainly don’t like being wrong.

I use a word up there I have used time and time again in my writing.


I think we seriously lack accountability and maybe it is because we correlate it with being wrong.

We need good cops vocally distancing themselves from bad cops.

We need good black people vocally and vehemently taking down those who would try to undermine the message.

We need republicans willing to put country before party.

We need democrats willing to do the same.

We need gun advocates to be as outraged and upset over mass shootings as the rest of us.

We need to understand harassing good gun owners isn’t going to solve a growing problem. We also might need to figure out what the word AR stands for in AR-15.

We need men as vocal as women in their outrage of rape culture.

We need women who, well, we might just need women in general. For everything.

I believe in America. I believe in admitting faults. Not to show weakness but to acknowledge we can be better.

There is a middle ground there somewhere, where we can shed the pride and try to build an understanding. A place we can listen. Actually listen and understand. Without waiting for the chance at rebuttal.

I am talking, but are you actually listening? Did you get stuck somewhere and begin formulating your comment at that point?

This is my platform and I will continue to use it as a position to hold public dialogue over events that affect our children’s welfare. Whether you agree with anything I say or not, it doesn’t matter. Actually, it does matter. A lot. Whether you agree with anything I say or not, it matters that you use your voice. What matters is we look for that middle ground and try to find understanding.

What matters is we talk.

Because I believe in America. I believe in us. And I believe you want to leave the world a better place for your children, too. Regardless of whatever different things we believe in, I think we can find a way. We have to.

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