My Mother In Law Says I’m Not A Real Writer

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The Main Attraction Multiples Illuminated: A Collection Of Stories And Advice From Parents Of Twins, Triplets, And More (Available now at Amazon!)

So Much More Multiples Illuminated: Life With Twins And Triplets, The Toddler To Tween Years (Available August 4th, 2017!)

Why Do I Write Mamalode Magazine Issue no. 24 (2016)

Introduction to a yet-to-be-released publication- (More information coming soon!)

Online Publications

Scary Mommy

The Magic Of Sending My Kid To His Room

Planned (Perfect) Parenthood

Being A Good Spouse Is Being A Good Parent

Days Like Today

The Peanut Butter Tryst

Let Them Eat Paper Towels

Good Men Project

One Father Finds His Way Through The Darkness

Why Do We Break The Rungs Of The Very Ladder We’re Climbing?

To My Kids On Adversity: The World Is Yours To Shape And Mold

A Dad’s Practical Parenting Guide For Soon To Be Parents


On Being The Kind Of Man I Hope My Children Grow Up To Be

Sunshine Spoils Milk

I Wanted To Kill Myself Today

I Thought I Was OK; I Thought I Was Cured


We Had Clown Sex- And It’s EXACTLY As Weird As It Sounds

Sammiches & Psych Meds

Death Is Trending

My Son Is A Weirdo… A Beautiful Wonderful Weirdo

Sorry, But You Are An A-Hole, Not An Addict

Our Hands Are For Good Things

Nicole Arbour, Fat Shaming, And The Feelings Police

My Wife Nearly Died Giving Birth To Our Twins: A Father’s Story

Mock Mom

Toddler Fight Club Has Boosted Son’s Self Esteem, Says Father

Dads Against Diaper Duty Founder Moves Pillow To The Couch

The Kegel Cup: A New Herbal Tampon Trend Out Of Portland


Recurring Dream

Multiples Illuminated

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