Should You Buy Multiples Illuminated?

I will be the first to tell you I don’t trust reviews. Not only do I not trust reviews, I especially don’t trust reviews of self-published books. You got a bunch of your friends to review your book? Yeah, they totally won’t be biased about it.

For all I know, every invitation to write a review of a friend’s book comes with a five dollar bill and a wink.

To be fair, no one asks me to review anything, so the going rate for a good review could be even less than five dollars. It could be more. Book people, how much do you pay for solid reviews and can I get in on that. Your friend, BookLurver69.

We all know each other in the blog world. There are many secret groups where we kick back, share word pictures and call our followers names.

I am just kidding, we don’t kick back. Most bloggers are neurotic and wound too tight to kick back.

So, I find myself at a weird crossroads of sorts. A ton of reviews are coming in about the book I am in. All of them good. Some of them even highlighting me in the book.

The spotlight, it burns so good!

What do I do? Do I continue my mistrust of reviews or do I accept these might be people genuinely liking the book? I could write my own review of Multiples Illuminated, but am I not even more bias because I am in the collection?

It is a quandary for sure.

Should You Buy Multiples Illuminated?

Here is what I do know;

1) If you like my humorous writing, you can find it in this book. If you don’t, then I really don’t understand why you are reading my blog right now.

2) I was paid a set amount for my writing. After I signed my rights away to the writing, I could have stepped away from promoting said book. I didn’t because I believed in the project. Once I got my advanced copy of the book and began reading it, I continued to promote because I thoroughly enjoyed it.

3) I hate self-promotion. I am not promoting me. I want to promote the book as a whole. Why? Well, I think the other writers in the book are better than me. From the get go there are beautiful stories. It kicks off strong and by the time I got to my piece towards the back, I was enjoying an amazing collection. I wasn’t reading to see my name anymore. I had moved to reading because I truly liked the writing.

4) A tremendous amount of care went into putting this book together. I felt lucky to see the inner workings of self publishing. The grinding to build a platform for the book inspired me. Alison and Megan have been nonstop working on this and their work has paid off into a seamless book, equal parts resourceful, heartwarming and humorous.

5) After purchasing multiple copies (see how I used multiples. On purpose.) I actually didn’t make any money off the book. I had to purchase a copy for myself. A copy for each of my children. A copy for special people in my life and I need to purchase a copy to send to my high school with a ‘suck it’ note attached. So, I actually lost money on this book. Excuse me as I panhandle out front of my house. The book is $15.95. Not exactly a bank breaker.

6) I personally offer to sign every copy bought. You buy the book, message me and I will give you my address. Send it, I will sign it and send it back. I will even pay the return shipping. Look, I can see my GoFundMe on the horizon to pay for the massive debt being in this book has created.

7) The book is written by parents of multiples. It is written with parents of multiples in mind. (That shouldn’t be too big of a spoiler. Sorry if it is.) Now, you might not have multiples. This book is for everyone. It offers an amazing glimpse into life with twins, triplets and more. Instead of stopping the person in the grocery store with twins, just read this book and let that family get their groceries. They will be grateful. I know I will be if it was me. You can carry it around with you, pull it out and point at it while winking as if to say, “Don’t worry, I already know your secrets. I am a cool and hip onlooker in the know.”

I don’t know if this counts as a review. I hope not, because I still don’t trust those sort of things. Over the next few weeks I will probably do some sort of free giveaway or something. I don’t know, it depends on if I have to declare bankruptcy. I believe in this book. I believe anyone who buys it will realize not only is it a resource but also an amazing collection. If you don’t like the book, use it as kindling  for your summer bonfire. I won’t hold it against you. I bet the book even burns good.


Order here. Tell me whether you like it or are using it for fire starter:

Here is a collection of the reviews I am mistrustful of:

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