Shut up and smile

It’s going to happen, you’re going to die. This is an inevitable fact. The one thing that no one can argue is death. In the shadows of our thoughts our imminent doom lurks. Fuck that sounds like the opening to a bad ass movie right?! Well grab some snacks because this could be a fall blogbuster (I fucking hate myself for ever typing that)

The point is everyone on this earth will eventually die. Once you’re dead you really don’t get the times you missed out on here back. You don’t get to change those days where you neglected to smile. The world can be a tough place but if you spend your whole life beating yourself up it’s a life wasted. All those rainy days where you chose to listen to Adele and curse life are kinda fucking pointless. Cherish your time on this earth. You’re gonna be dead someday, is it worth it to spend your time alive sad?

I know all to well about depression and sadness and feeling like you’re drowning in the sea of life. But I decided that instead of wasting away in misery because the world doesn’t ‘get me’ and my coffee doesn’t have enough sugar in it is super fucking stupid. You really want to die someday and be remembered as the person who wallowed in sadness? So I looked inside and told myself to cheer the fuck up because one day I wouldn’t be able to.

Mortality is a bitch, but it’s my anti-depressant and it works wonders. Death will take you regardless of whether you are cheery or down. It doesn’t care to take you out when you are walking on sunshine or out in the rain without an umbrella. I would rather be remembered for my happiness than for losing the battle with my demons. Is it easy to stay cheery in the face of mounting tribulations? No, but if you don’t attack everything with happiness and tenacity to overcome it you really are not doing anything but waiting to die. I like to say today might suck but there’s always tomorrow and it’s just a day away, but it might not be.

Let’s cheer the fuck up world

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