Ten Things of Thankful #91

I keep wanting to write up this grand-slam, homerun intro on being thankful. Have it include jabs at Thanksgiving and mention of my hunger for a Turkey dinner. After hitting delete on my fifth failed zinger I have decided to just get into what I am thankful for and quietly head towards the door. I will say that I love this hop, even if I have never done it before. It is a fantastic notion to sit down weekly and find ten things to be thankful for!

1) Writing

It is so interesting, to me at least, that I only just began this foray into writing. Growing up I always disliked writing! Too many rules! One of my main gripes about the current education system lies in the fact it attempts to take something like writing and make it uniform. Writing is an art form. Writing is self-expression! I am thankful to have found so much enjoyment and passion over these past few months through writing words and giving my emotions a voice.


2) Reading

I have always loved books. At a young age I could turn off reality by diving into a book. There have been a few books that shaped me as a person. The power of an author to mold your mindset is startling and delightful. I find myself coming out of a good book as a changed person. From Perks Of Being a Wallflower to The Shadow of The Wind. I came out of these books different, more thoughtful, a more whole human being. Right now I have the pleasure to be reading Order Of Seven and only four chapters in I can tell this will be a book I come out of changed.

3) Blogging

This is almost a mixture of the first two! I have grown quite fond of this platform to have a voice. I have grown even more fond of reading others’ stories and getting to know people through their writing. Before I started a blog I didn’t really read blogs. Man, I was missing out! From writing about my past to getting lost here, blogging is my new favorite past time.

4) Killian

Man, I am going to spend the next three points on each child. If only because I feel bad listing Nachos as a thing I am thankful for! Killian, my little powerhouse! This kid is freakishly strong and talented, he has a bright future in sports! We just spent the past half hour on free throws with the basketball hoop. Each time he got better and became more fluid with his shot. He isn’t even two yet! Yesterday he hip tossed his brother while they wrestled! His brother, who weighs as much as him, flew through the air and Killian barely broke a sweat. The kid is strong and coordinated! As a former athlete (current couch potato) and avid sports fan, I am so thankful to have this love for physicality and sports with him!

5) Nicolas

My artist! His love for singing and music is awesome! I love rocking out with my little guy! We will dance around the kitchen to the Arctic Monkeys or Taylor Swift, it doesn’t matter. Music is a big deal to me, even if I am not the most musically talented. I do, however, write song lyrics! Not that they are very good, but one day we will share in this enjoyment! He is also a little wild child. Like a mini me! He holds this infinite source of energy I am sure some comic book villain would love to sap for fuel of a destructo-ray gun. Sometimes it is scary how similar we are!

6) Ezra

The newest addition has revitalized me as a father. Not to say I was burned out per se, I just missed my kids being so little and adorable. I missed the cuddles and the two naps a day! With Ezra I get to relive those precious moments that cemented my love for being a father. And the best part? It is so completely different and new again! It is like a reboot of the first time around! And it is AWESOME!!! So yes, I am extremely thankful of my little chipmunk cheeked child who has me redoing the new dad phase all over again.

7) Being a Young Father

I get a decent amount of “You’re only 23?!?!” Yes, I am young, aren’t I? I actually enjoy being a young dad. I have a good amount of energy for my kid’s to siphon and I am also up to date on the cool and hip lingo! My kid loves Princess Sophia, that’s his bae! Imagine if i was thirty or forty? I might not be cool enough to say bae! I like being a father, and I work my ass off trying to be good at it. I am thankful for the drive to want to change the world and also chase children in circles.

8) Nachos

Okay, I had nachos for lunch and have yet to get over it. They were delicious! Steak and cheese drizzled the top and completely satisfied my grumbling stomach. Mmmmm nachos.

9) Caffeine

Okay, all that young dad stuff is great, I sometimes need a boost. Working at night and raising three kids under two during the day takes a toll, even on me! Thankfully there are so many different options and ways to ingest caffeine. I can fight the monster of sleep deprivation for days! literally! So, hell yeah! caffeine, the shakes are worth it!

10) uhm…?

You guys thought I would forget my wife huh? Well, my biggest supporter and mother to my three beautiful boys. She is what I am most thankful for. Through thick and thin, she is always there with words of support and a hot cup of coffee. Seriously, she is the force behind everything I do. Without her I would be incomplete. D’awwwww


Make sure to check out some other AWESOME bloggers who have participated in TTOT! I don’t know how to add a fancy banner or anything ( I will learn by next week and be thankful for it!) but you can find the other thankful people here! A special shout out to Lizzie! This is wonderful and I am happy to be a part of it!

What are you thankful for? Share, I want to hear your voice.



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21 comments on “Ten Things of Thankful #91
  1. There is nothing cooler than parents who truly enjoy their children! I love their names! So do you write poetry as well as lyrics? Lizzi and I host the Well Tempered Bards which I have been horribly neglectful of lately but would love it if you would consider guest barding for us some friday. I am trying to get back to that blog more… I have been negligent…. and welcome to the TToT! Awesome first list… especially the nachos of course!

  2. Great list of thankfuls – and welcome! You know? I’m not sure how the banner thing happens – I forget! I get mine in the stuff for the co-hostinae.
    Anyway. You have great items. Loving and enjoying your kids is terrific. They’re awesome, aren’t they? Interesting that you enjoy being a younger parent; I enjoy being an older one. Funny.
    I knew nothing of blogs before I started mine and it’s been such a great experience – writing, sharing with other bloggers, reading and getting to know folks through their words. It’s a great bunch of people, especially the TToT group.
    Glad to have you on board. Have a great week!

    • Thanks, for my frist time I don’t think it was too shabby 🙂 I look forward to contributing again and also getting to know some new writers! Thanks for taking the time to read my TToT!

  3. Well, pass the pumpkin pie! Welcome to the TToT. I love the family-centered thankfuls you mentioned. (And, like Ivy, I like the names of your little ones.)

    • Thanks so much! I am enjoying this TToT and looking forward to visit more people and read their blogs. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. hey (yeah, me again)
    Welcome to the TToT! the best bloghop in the ‘sphere!

    I trust you didn’t mind my thread-jumping (while we normally wait for a reasonable acclimation time*) I just thought, ‘this is a pretty darn good TToT post…lets do something different!’
    Lizzi and the other co-hostinae are pretty amazing (if you haven’t already, ask ’em about the BoSR/SBoR… it one of couple of things about this here bloghop here, that you should really get a kick out of.
    ….best be going, there are other Posts to read and write-over!

    *acclimation time motto: ‘ times up!’

    • I am loving this bloghop! everyone is wonderful so far! I definitely on my way to ask Lizzie about BoSR/SBoR. Thanks for stopping by and thread jumping is always wonderful!

    • You know, I first saw the blog hop and thought “Ten things? thats IT?” then sat down and had to actually find ten things to be thankful for and it was a lot harder and more rewarding than I imagined it would be. Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to reading up your blog!

  5. You make me smile, Briton! However, I am only now aware that you are 23 and realize that you are younger than my oldest child and now I will have to feel all motherly and stuff. Lord.

    I am always so giddy when you write about your little family. So much love. You are all incredible blessed. (And I LOVE the name Killian :))

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