The Diner Song

Jr’s Shack is an amazing diner down the street from my house. You really can’t beat their pancake stacks, warm environment and good cup of coffee. While it isn’t a four star breakfast or anything, the atmosphere is unbeatable. Whenever I go there usually the dining area is about 3/4 full. Old men sit and drink coffee while exchanging stories. It has its regulars as well as people like myself who occasionally drop in with my family.

We like the go to Jr’s Shack because it is a bit loud, the kids can be a bit loud, and the customer service is ALWAYS top notch. Would I consider it a classy joint? I mean, it is a hometown favorite. Everyone who has grown up in this area has at least been to The Shack, JR’s Shack or The Shack in Groton at least once. Not many places around here have the praise these joints have.

Now, this isn’t just a plug for a great place to eat if you are ever in my area. This obviously is leading toward something. If you haven’t been on Facebook and seen recently, EVERYONE is talking about Marcy’s Diner. For those not in the know, the owner of this diner decided to yell at a child who had been unruly in her establishment. Many have fierce opinions on this and I wouldn’t be a true parent blogger if I didn’t weigh in on it.

It absolutely floors me that this woman stands by what she did and believes it was okay. I am sorry, but if someone yelled at my child I would flip. The. Fuck. Out.

Look, this wasn’t some five star restaurant on the upper East Side. This was a fucking diner in Maine. The type of establishment you should be able to take your unruly kids to with the understanding that even though your eggs are greasy your kid can be a little bit of a snot. I get it, this kid was an asshole. I am sure the kid was the biggest little douche this side of New England. It is a fucking diner though. I happen to have two little two year old’s that enjoy going into public and being assholes.

This isn’t to say the parents of this child are not in the wrong. When my kids are being unruly in public I usually take them outside to play while the food gets made. Then, we scarf down our food like its an eating competition before high tailing it out of there after dropping a giant “I am sorry my kids are monsters” tip for the waitress or waiter.

No one should yell at a child that isn’t theirs though. I don’t see how that is right or how any parent could even think that is okay. Without knowing ANYTHING about this kid or the asshole parents that is just wrong to me. And another thing- I don’t know what they had been through before finding that diner. Neither do you. Some days are just bad. The kid wakes up and by lunch time you need to call a priest to perform an exorcism or drop your kid off at the fire department with a note that says “find him a good home”. What if that two year old had special needs? Is it okay to just assume parents don’t know how to parent and scream at their kid?

No. I am sorry, but it is not. No one should ever feel like they have the right to discipline SOMEONE ELSE’S child. Ask them to leave your restaurant, you have that right. You don’t have the right to shout at someone else’s kid.

The diner owner stands by her actions because the kid stopped being unruly. She is lucky that the mom didn’t get unruly and punch her in the fucking head like my wife probably would have, I can see that headline.

“Wife of world renown super famous Punk Rock Papa punches a restaurant owner in the head for yelling at the cutest twins in the world.” 

It isn’t okay to yell at someone else’s kids, whether you own the joint or not. When my friends bring their youngsters to my house I don’t get open season on their asses because I own the place. The same goes for some diner in Maine.

You don’t get to parent other people’s kids, no matter how they are acting.

And to the parents of that little child who got yelled at- I seriously doubt your fucking two year old is traumatized by an angry bitch yelling in their face. Get over yourself and focus more on parenting your child and less on trying to be internet famous.

You both suck, the owner just sucks a little more than you do this time around.

Jr’s Shack is delicious and they get twenty dollar tips because they don’t yell in my kid’s faces.

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12 comments on “The Diner Song
  1. “Wife of world renown super famous Punk Rock Papa punches a restaurant owner in the head for yelling at the cutest twins in the world.” That would be the best headline ever!! 🙂 I totally agree with everything you said. They are both at fault for not handling the situation better. If it had been a fine dining restaurant…well, they I would want that child to be quiet.
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    • I think the type of establishment it is is important too. I think people shouldn’t yell at other people’s kids. when did that become a line people were cheered for crossing?

  2. Did you know that the girl had been crying for almost an HOUR? And that the owner asked the parents to either leave, or take the girl outside, and they didn’t? And that the owner didn’t get in the little girl’s face – but yelled from behind a counter, that this needed to stop?

    Did you know the little girl was hungry and crying for her food, which was sitting on the table?

    SOMEONE needed to do SOMETHING. Even at a little local “family” restaurant, you don’t expect to hear a child wail for an hour. I find that disrespectful to the other 75 people eating.

    When my kid was in that impossible -to-control hyena stage, ffor probably close to a year, we didn’t go to restaurants. Eating out was not such a high priority that it was worth making an entire restaurant miserable.

    I don’t think I would ever be so checked out of a situation that I would let my kid carry on like that. But I would not be upset if someone else yelled at him to knock it off.

    Parents are all entitled to their opinions on this. So, can we agree to disagree? I promise I will never, ever yell at your kids. As long as you promise you WILL yell at mine.

    • I never said the parents weren’t in the wrong, they have their own faults in this situation

      With that being said, who knows about the food? Usually when my family eats out I don’t immediately serve my children because I don’t want them to burn their mouths. It is an easy assumption to make that the food could have been too hot for a toddler’s mouth.

      The owner is in her right to boot people from her restaurant for being unruly. She could tell them that they need to leave immediately. There is no problem in that.

      Like I said up top, I take my kids outside while the food is being prepared if they are acting up. We also bring stuff with us to occupy them until it is time to eat.

      Now, the parents should have taken the steps to calm their child but at the same time aren’t we supposed to ignore outbursts by our children because it breeds bad behavior? I wouldn’t let my kid carry on like that but we don’t know their story and there are those that claim the child had actually only been crying for about ten minutes (which isn’t that long for a toddler to cry) There are those that say the owner is exaggerating to make her story more justifiable.

      You shouldn’t even try to go over the line of disciplining someone else’s kid. Kick the parents out of your restaurant, don’t yell at a two year old.

  3. BRAVO PRP!!!

    I really, really double and triple-check an establishment like a stalker before we bring Theo along (as you know, severe ASD/Non-verbal — likes to tap the hell out of things and being non-verbal does NOT mean this kid is quiet)… anyhoo, I can see both sides… I played out scenarios like a “what would YOU do” feature on Prime Time News shows.

    Bottom line: a little freaking kindness goes above and beyond any crying, yelling, and thrashing about.
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    • I thought Diners were the last bastion of hope for parents who wanted to eat out with their obnoxious children

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