The next generation

We are living in an insane world, our idols are beating women and children or drunkenly crashing their cars into innocent victims. Our schools aren’t safe from kindergarten through high school. Our privacy has been compromised and every day another tragedy has struck, each time getting closer and closer to home. Throughout all that we are supposed to raise our children to understand a world I don’t think we understand very well ourselves.

When my wife was pregnant with the twins something horrible, heart wrenching, happened an hour away from where I live. 20 children and 6 adults were violently gunned down. This was December of 2012, my kids were born in March of 2013 so my wife was around five months pregnant. I remember watching the screen as this unbelievable horror unfolded. Tears ran down my face and my heart utterly broke. And then I got scared, I was terrified. On the verge of becoming a father I saw the faces of those children flash across the screen and began to feel the pain I knew their parents felt, knowing they would never feel embrace again from child. I was utterly broken for every single parent that day and absolutely terrified because I was becoming one.

Being a parent in such a dangerous and preying world is quite frankly piss your pants terrifying. You can’t be crippled by that fear. It doesn’t do you good and it doesn’t help your child grow. What do you need in the darkness? You need light. So while I watch the world and feel that it’s crumbling around me I try to shield my children as best I can but know the only thing I can do is try to raise lights to shine in this dark, ugly place.

We have let the world become what it is today. If you do not see hell on earth good for you, but get your eyes checked. As we raise the next generation we need to rebuild, for this world is all but destroyed. Plant seeds of love and compassion in your child. As our children grow and flourish so too will that love you planted. Maybe if we start raising our kids not to hate others for differences but embrace them for it we can change the world. The future shouldn’t have to live in crippling fear of turning on the news and seeing another tragedy. Let those lights shine bright and never dim with malice or hate. Your kids are the future, but you are the architect.

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