You’re an Asshole, Not an Addict

Maybe we have forgotten what addiction means. Along with “literally”, addiction seemed to be the most misused word of 2015.

I am addicted to Netflix

I am addicted to this game

I am addicted to social media

Everyone was literally addicted to everything. It is okay, I suppose, to use it in passing. I myself am literally addicted to that band, Catfish and The Bottlemen, having to listen to them, like, totes omg every day. But, when we look at people not using the word addicted so flippantly, we find there are people out there using this word in it’s very literal sense.

I had to pull back from social media, I was addicted. It was affecting my real life. My marriage, my relationships, everything. I was literally losing everything to the dangers of internet addiction. 

Which is one of the most ironic things I have ever seen on Facebook this side of posts by dramatic people bitching about how they hate drama. I am not saying social media can’t be an addiction, I am just saying you can’t proclaim you were addicted to social media and had to leave it but are somehow now cured and back on the update the world on everything me grind.

You don’t get addictions under control with moderate use. I don’t just “use a little bit” of cocaine here and there because I have it “under control” from the days when I used to push Yayo up my nose so much I started talking like Tony Montana.

Don’t get me wrong, I love rooting for an underdog. The story of your triumph over social media, as read via Facebook, is beautiful. I just happen to find it a bit rude to, I don’t know, people who have had their actual addictions ruin their lives. I am still rooting for you to deactivate your Facebook. I hope in the new year not to see you in my newsfeed so I can cheer, to no one in particular, that you beat your addiction!

But, Briton, that is a little harsh of you. 

Is it? If my friend was addicted to meth, I wouldn’t cheer him on for getting it under control by only using “a little bit” of meth. Addicts don’t go through rehab and counseling then come out and say, “Well, my doctor and my psychiatrist both agreed if I only smoke a bowl of meth for twenty minutes a day instead of all day, then I am in a much better place. It was the all the time usage that really fucked me up”

My friend with a gambling addiction didn’t conquer her addictions by just sticking to scratch off tickets. This isn’t how addiction works. Maybe I am a bit glib, but doesn’t this bother anyone? Do we really need to be saying, “Bravo”, and giving pats on the back to someone whose only claim is to be a self absorbed asshole that doesn’t understand there is a difference between a lack of willpower and addiction?

You’re an asshole, not an addict. 

Happy New Year, maybe in 2016 we can learn what the fuck words actually mean.

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